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Latest news - NEW BOOK out 3rd June 2021!

Cover of House of Secret Treasure

The House of Secret Treasure is available in all good bookshops from 3rd June 2021
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A hilarious, swashbuckling adventure for siblings everywhere!

George isn't good at anything much. In fact, he’s pretty average. That doesn't mean he doesn't have BIG ambitions, they are just harder to achieve when your big sister, Jess, is brilliant at everything!

Then George inherits a mansion from dear old Mrs Smallbone. Except Hogweed Hall isn’t your average mansion. It’s BRILLIANT, and full of fascinating tenants like Boris the dog, an unusual pastry chef who lives in the basement, a mysterious scientist who works in the attic, and lots and lots of chickens!

But Mrs Smallbone's sisters aren't at all happy about the situation, and invite themselves to stay. They’re after something, and don’t intend to leave without it.

Can George stop them before it’s too late?


Grandma Dangerous and the Dog of Destiny is a 2020 FANTASTIC BOOK AWARD winner!

"The awards involve thousands of children from primary schools across Lancashire avidly reading books. They then get the chance to vote on the books that they like the best at the end of the spring term."

Lancashire County Council article

Grandma Dangerous and the Dog of Destiny is the Spellbinding 2019 winner!

"Grandma Dangerous is the best book I have ever read."

Cover of Grandma Dangerous and the Dog of Destiny


Cover of Grandma Dangerous and the Egg of Glory

Available in all good bookshops
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"Grandma Dangerous is properly laugh-out-loud funny."

Seawood, Goodreads review

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